Together We Grow


Corporate Social Responsibility

With an unwavering commitment to philanthropy and socio-environmental development, the company has been continuously investing in social and environmental welfare development programs

  • Training centres for Women & Children
  • Basic health and medical facilities to its employees
  • Basic health and medical facilities to its employees
  • Basic health and medical facilities to its employees
  • Environment friendly processes adapted in the manufacturing processes

We are closely working with international institution “Better Works” in our facility in Indonesia. We are also engaged in Wind Power and Solar Energy, making a landmark in the region amongst the Garment Industry.

Centre for Learning

“Centre for Learning” conducts training for vendors covering pattern making, quality, merchandizing and production management

Learning through practical case studies program

Trainings conducted for large apparel manufacturers

Vendor training programs to attain international social compliance standards

Together We Grow

We continue to lead the garment industry since more than 40 years now, and we owe our success to each and every staff that is part of this great journey. We believe it is their hard work, dedication and determination to make the product a global name that we stand where we are today. Just like every single thread in a fabric makes the weave stronger, here in our premises, every single staff in the company has made us believe in the strength of togetherness.


Replacing conventional lighting arrangements with LED.

Discarding electrical boiler in favour of Bio fuel Boiler Direct driver (AC) motors in sewing machines in place of industrial electric motor.

Employee Welfare Activities

Employees’ children offered free computer education.

Scholarship for sharp and talented children of employees.

Organization of summer camp for employee’s children.

Arrangement of medical camps for employees & their families.

Seminar on AIDS awareness, health hazards, safety, etc.

Positively working for Women’s empowerment and clean India mission.

Subsidised group medical insurance facilities for employees & their family members.