We have kept pace with continuous transformation in the fashion world and industries best practices to design, develop and deliver products that are a unique blend of quality, comfort and style. We have become a modern citadel of technological excellence with Cutting facility, Stitching facility, Embroidery facility, Washing facility.

Cutting facility

State- of- the- art Lectra Mass Production CAM System, Most advanced CAD System from Lectra for optimised fabric utilization

Stitching facility

Automatic workstations

Creative space housing cutting edge sewing machines from Adler, Brother, Beisler, Reece, etc.

Embroidery facility

20 multiple head computer embroidery machines with more than 1000 heads in total Renowned artisans from all over India produce embroideries that are epitome of finesse and craft.

Washing facility

Sophisticated washing facilities
Environment friendly washing processes